Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Co.Cork

Kidney Vetch
Anthyllis vulneraria
Méara Muire
Family: Fabaceae

Flowering time: May-September. Perennial. Native.

Rounded heads of yellow-orange flowers, also pink, white or red. Downy white
calyx tubes. Seedpod short, round, flattened. Single-seeded. Pinnate leaves,
entire leaflets, lanceolate with larger terminal lobe. Silky-white hairs on undersides. Tufted, spreading plant.

Calcareous ground. Frequent near coasts and in parts of central Ireland. Coastal grassland, dunes, cliffs, walls. Inland on roadsides.

Photographs above: Kidney Vetch. Barleycove, Co.Cork. May 2007

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