Irish wildflowers

Photos: Ballingeary area, Co.Cork

New Zealand Pigmyweed
Crassula helmsii
Family: Crassulaceae

Flowering June-August. Perennial. Introduced. Garden escape.

Tiny, stalked, axillary flowers, whitish-pink, 4-petalled. Fleshy, opposite, linear leaves. Slender trailing and/or erect stems. Rapid and invasive growth.

Garden escape or discard from ponds and aquaria. Grows on mud or in water.
First recorded in Ireland in 1994 from County Armagh. Increasing.
A very invasive introduction, garden escape or discard.

Also known as Australian or Swamp Stonecrop

New Zealand Pigmyweed. Ballingeary area, County Cork. October 2008.

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