Irish wildflowers

Alexanders, Smyrnium olusatrum
Photographs: Bantry, Co.Cork

Smyrnium olusatrum
Lusrán grándubh
Family: Apiaceae

Flowering time: March-June. Biennial. Probably introduced.

Yellow-green flowers in many-rayed umbels.
Shiny dark green leaves, triple trifoliate basal leaves with stalked leaflets.
Stout hairless plant, celery-scented. Height: to 120cm

Habitat: Usually coastal, waste ground, roadsides, cliffs. Widespread,
established. Most frequent S and E coast.

Similar: Wild Parsnip, Pastinaca sativa.
The only other yellow-flowered umbellifer. Rough, hairy stems and leaves,
once pinnate. Poisonous sap. Very rare in Ireland, calcareous soils.


Photographs: May 2007 Bantry, Co.Cork.

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