Irish wildflowers

Photos: Barley Cove, Co.Cork

Marsh Lousewort
Pedicularis palustris
Milseán móna
Family: Scrophulariaceae

Flowering time: May-September. Annual / biennial. Native.

Leafy spikes of pink-red 2-lipped flowers. Upper lip 4-toothed, lower 3-lobed.
Inflated calyx, ribbed, hairy, with 2 leaf-like lobes. Single stem, erect, branched. Leaves alternate, deeply pinnatified. More/less hairless. Height: To 60cm.

Base-rich to acidic damp ground. Heaths, marshes, fens, wet grassland.
Declining due to habitat loss, most frequent N, W Ireland. Native.

Similar: Lousewort, P. sylvatica


Marsh Lousewort. Barley Cove, Co.Cork. June 2008

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