Irish wildflowers

Phots: Counties Cork and Limerick

Square-stalked St. John's-wort
Hypericum tetrapterum
Beathnua fireann
Family: Hypericaceae

Flowering time: July-September. Perennial. Native.

Terminal and axillary cymes of yellow flowers, few black glands. Very acute sepals. Petals slightly longer than sepals. Leaves oval with transluscent glands and some black glands. Square, 4-winged reddish stems, erect. Height: 30-90 cm.

Abundant throughout Ireland on damp ground, marshes, meadows.

Related: Irish St. John's-wort, H. canadense. Narrow 3-veined leaves, slender growth. Only W Ireland. Usually wet peatland, but also roadside Co. Mayo.

Square-stemmed St. John's-wort. Curragh Chase, County Limerick. August 2008

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